Training Materials

Agenda Green Chiller Workshop - EBTKE Conex 2015
Green Chiller Opening - EBTKE Conex 2015
Bahan Materi Kementrian Perindustrian - EBTKE Conex 2015
Indonesian Refrigeration and Air Conditioning RAC - EBTKE Conex 2015
JU Internasional policy development - EBTKE Conex 2015
Green Chiller Overview - EBTKE Conex 2015
Technical and Economic Driver for Green Refrigeration - EBTKE Conex 2015
PERTAMINA ‘MUSIcool’ presentation - EBTKE Conex 2015
Workshop Agenda on Developing a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC) NAMA
Aicool - Air Conditioning dan Chillers berbasis Refrigeran
Chiller Hidrokarbon – RAC yang Ramah Lingkungan dan Hemat Energi di Indonesia
Liability Insurance in Promoting Green Chiller - Malacca Trust Insurance
Natural Refrigerant Hydrocarbon - MUSIcool Produced by Pertamina
Energy Efficiency Chiller Incentive Programme
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